Fit and Flatter Style Guides for Wedding Undergarments, Bridal Shoes and Brands

At Knot The Groom, we are dedicated to ensuring you have all of the Style Guides necessary to make educated purchases. When choosing the best apparel, undergarments and shoes for your wedding day, the more you know the better. That’s why we provide an extensive collection of guides for measuring and choosing the correct style to complement your ensemble.

Many of your bridal undergarments will require obtaining proper Body Measurements in order to get the best fit.

There are also a great number of things to consider when choosing the correct undergarments to go with your specific bridal gown. Slips, petticoats, crinolines and hoop skirts are all bridal undergarments designed to enhance the look of your wedding dress.  Without a slip or a wedding petticoat, your bridal gown may look droopy or have unnecessary folds that detract from the overall appearance. The fullness of the bridal crinoline can also have a major impact on the length of the hem. Before choosing a slip to wear under your bridal gown, be sure to check out our Style Guide for Wedding Petticoats and Crinoline Slips to ensure that you are choosing the best possible product for your gown.

Once you are sure that you have chosen the correct style of wedding petticoat or crinoline slip, your next stop should be our guide on How to Measure for your Wedding Dress Slip. When choosing a crinoline, measurements are a key factor. In this convenient measurement guide, we have outlined a simple method for selecting the correct fullness for your wedding gown slip. Other factors, such as wedding dress fabric, a crinoline pre-built into your wedding gown, and your personal preference of how the dress should look also play a part in the final fullness that you select. So, be sure to review this information carefully before making your final slip purchase.

If you find that we do not have the exact wedding petticoat you require for your specific wedding dress, remember that you can always opt to have your slip custom made to your specifications. Lucky for you, getting a Custom Slip Quote is as easy as filling out a simple online form.

Choosing the correct bra to wear under your bridal gown is another important aspect of ensuring the optimum fit of your wedding wear. Check out our convenient Bra Style Guide for the answers to all of your most important questions about bra styles. And, if you have already settled on our popular Flattering me® bra, then be sure to check out our Flattering me® Bridal Bra Size & Fitting Instructions for specific instructions on getting the best fit with this fabulous undergarment. We also have similar fitting instructions for our line of Dominique™ Panties in our Dominique™ Panty Sizing Guide.

Your bridal shoes are another element of your bridal ensemble of which you will want to ensure the very best fit. Your first step to getting the right shoe to go with your wedding gown is to choose the right style for your individual needs. So, be sure to check out our  Style Guide for Bridal Shoes on your Wedding Day. Once you have chosen the correct style, it’s time to move on to our Bridal Shoe Comfort and Size Guide to make sure that you get the very best fit for your big day.

Our educational efforts go beyond just providing style and sizing guides for all of our products. For more information on everything you ever wanted to know about weddings, including Fit Tips for getting the best fit for all of your wedding day apparel, be sure to check out our convenient Resources section.