Convenient Wedding Bra Style Guide

Choosing the correct bra style is almost as important as getting your bra size correct. At Knot The Groom, we have a variety of bra styles to choose from. Women often choose to wear the same basic bra style based on what they have grown accustomed to over time. But, it’s important to remember that the bra that worked for you when you were 16 may not be the most flattering option at 26. It is also important to wear the right style of bra to meet the needs of each individual outfit. In most cases, you probably will not want to wear the same bra under your bridal gown that you wear around the house on the weekend.

Once you have determined your correct bra size, it is time to decide which bra styles work best with both your individual body type and your individual ensemble. Proper fitting and appropriate coverage are two very important factors to consider.

Ask yourself the following questions when determining the correct bra style to wear under your bridal gown, bridesmaid dress or other formal apparel.

  • Does my bridal gown require a strapless bra?
  • Do I need to purchase a low back or backless bra, or will a standard bra suffice?
  • How much support do I need?
  • What type of bottom will I be wearing with my bra?
  • Will I need additional support below my bra? (i.e. shapewear)

Bra Styles

A bra (short for brassiere) is an undergarment which is worn by women to support the breasts. Bras often serve double duty by contouring the cleavage in order to obtain a desired look. The standard bra which most women wear for every day use usually covers only the breasts and is supported by shoulder straps and a band across the back.

Strapless Bra: Contemporary bridal gowns and other formal gowns are often strapless and thus require the use of a strapless bra.

Longline Bra: The longline bra comes down below the bust to cover the torso approximately one to three inches above the belly button. The longline bra has a great number of advantages over a standard bra and is a must have for many bridal gowns. A longline bra is an undergarment which is usually backless or low backed. The Flattering me® bra is one of our more popular longline bras and is available in both standard and petite sizes.

Bustier: The longline bra is often referred to as a bustier. The word bustier can be used to describe any undergarment that has a no straps, pushes up the breasts and more or less covers the front of your stomach. Corsets also fall into this same category. However, a corset is different from a longline bra. So, while a longline bra may be referred to as a bustier, not every bustier is a longline bra.

Corset: A  close-fitting  undergarment  which encloses the torso and is designed to shape and support the body. These can often be tightened by lacing to slim the waist. Although corsets were traditionally stiffened  with  whalebone  or  similar  material, traditional corsets usually make use of other types of boning such as steel or plastic derivitives.

Bra Back Styles

Regular – 3541 or 7500

Mid-back – 8949
Plunge back – 8541

Backless- 6377