Wedding Attire Fitting Instructions: Body Measurements for Underbust, Bust, Waist and Hips

Undergarments such as bras, slips, panties and lingerie are the foundation of every woman’s wardrobe. Every woman should have a basic lingerie wardrobe that makes them feel beautiful while also allowing for comfort.  Beautiful, well-constructed bras and other undergarments that support and enhance the body are a must. Wearing the right undergarment size is just as important as choosing the right undergarment style.

How to Accurately Measure

For greatest accuracy, have someone help you take your measurements.  If you must take your own measurements, stand in front of a full length mirror so you may ensure that you are always keeping the measuring tape parallel to the floor.  Use a non-stretch, reinforced measuring tape such as our Flattering me® tape measure. Keep a pencil and paper handy to write down your measurements, as you will need them to determine your correct size for a variety of products. For best results when taking chest measurements, wear your best fitting, non-padded, non-minimizing bra.  Sports bras are not recommended.


Keeping the measuring tape parallel to the ground, measure around your bra directly under your bust.  Expel the air from your lungs in order to make the underbust measurement as small as possible.

Example at Right > Tape measure is parallel with the floor and measuring right underneath the bottom of the bra.

Round this measurement to the closest whole inch and add 5.  For example if your measurement is 29″, 29+5=34.  Therefore your band size is 34″.


Stand straight with arms at your side and measure at the fullest part of your bust.  As with all measurements, be sure the measuring tape is parallel with the ground.  Do not pull the tape measure too tightly when measuring the bust.  For this measurement, you need a snug fit, but not a binding one.

The difference between the the bust and band measurement is your cup size.  A cup = 1″, B cup = 2″, C cup = 3″, D cup = 4″, DD cup = 5″, F cup = 6″.



Your waist measurement is taken at the narrowest part of your waist. For most women, this is about an inch above the belly button.  When taking your waist measurement, remember to keep the tape measure parallel to the ground.



Usually the hip measurement is taken at the fullest part of the hips.  Contrary to popular belief, the hip measurement usually does not refer to the area where your hip bones are. Instead, the fullest part of the hip is in the vicinity of the area you would sit on.  Always measure at the fullest part of the hip unless otherwise noted.


Examples of Incorrect Measurements

  Measure over clothes
   Tape measure is not parallel to the floor
  Measure with sports bra


Sizing Tips

You might be surprised at the confidence you feel when you know your undergarments look as good as the clothing you wear over them. Finding the correct fit is the first step.  At, you may be sure to find the exact style and fit to creating an alluring look for every body shape and size.

 •    Remember, your measurements may change throughout the day. For example, some people find they gain some inches around their waist after a particularly heavy meal. So, keep this in mind when taking your measurements.

•    Round all fractional measurements to the nearest whole number 3/8” round down for ½” round up.

•    Never purchase a smaller size than your measurements indicate in an attempt to squeeze into the item and receive greater support. Not only will wearing ill fitting undergarments create unsightly bumps and bulges under your clothing, but it can also be damaging to the skin and underlying tissue.  Always treat your body with the care it deserves.

•    Be realistic about your size.  The female body comes in all shapes and sizes, each of which can be beautiful when supported by the correct undergarments.  No matter what your size, it is possible to create an alluring look with properly fitted lingerie.