Four Top Tips for Wedding Day Makeup

Need makeup suggestions? Check out Getting Cheeky with Jessica! This savvy blogger keeps her readers up to date with new product announcements and makeup demonstrations. Also a new bride, Mrs. Cheeky wrote several FOTBG (Face of the Big Day) posts about her wedding day makeup adventures.

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Courtesy of Getting Cheeky blog

I sat down with Getting Cheeky’s blogista and asked her to share her top wedding day make up insights. Here’s what she had to say:

  • Wedding Makeup face of the big day makeup

    Photo courtesy of Getting Cheeky blog.

    Rest and tranquility are the best makeup you can wear on your wedding day. No matter how wonderful your makeup artist is, no amount of makeup can fake the glow of a relaxed, glowing bride. Be certain to get a good night’s sleep in the days and weeks leading up to your wedding, and keep your eye on the prize: wedding planning can be stressful, but this is supposed to be the happiest day of your life! Enjoy yourself and it will show.

  • Test your lip products with your hubby-to-be. I briefly considered wearing fire engine red lipstick on my wedding day … until I realized I’d leave my husband looking like the joker after our smooch at the alter. I was less self conscious about the big kiss knowing that my lipstick was subtle enough that the color wouldn’t transfer, and it was no skin off my back doing a few “kiss tests” with several different products.
  • Brighten the eyes with false lashes. I’m not a false lash girl, so I opted for Laura Mercier’s subtle “Corner” set. These lashes gave my eyes a dreamy appearance, and I looked fresh and awake the entire night even though our wedding was exhausting (in the best way)!
  • Most importantly be YOU. Many makeup artists are eager to please when you go for a trial run of your big day makeup. Make sure that you feel like yourself when you’re wearing your makeup. Your significant other loves you for who you are and how you look, so make sure you don’t stray too far from your comfort zone!
  • Hanging Makeup Cosmetic BagAnother tip: Jessica took pictures of her makeup trials to see which one looked best under the often-unforgiving flash of wedding day photos.

    Check it Out

    • Check out Jessica’s beauty blog Getting Cheeky for more makeup tips.
    • Professional bridal makeup artist Jenny Wible shares her looks and tips on her bridal makeup beauty blog Creative Edge. I love the before and after shots of the beautiful brides to be.
    • I love this hanging cosmetic case from It’s functional, cute and every purchase helps the fight against breast cancer.


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