Wedding Traditions: Bridal Fashion

Word association time. What image appears in your mind when you read these words? Pearls, veil, white. I imagine “bride” or “wedding” came quickly to mind. For those of us infused in Western culture, weddings and brides are closely associated with these traditional images. Even as a small child, I was following these traditions, receiving a pearl for every birthday to be added to my future wedding necklace.  Yet, from where do these traditions arise? Curious, I did some research and discovered some interesting rituals behind three major elements of the bridal ensemble: the veil, the white dress and the pearls.

Bride with Veil

The Veil

The veil is associated with many strange rituals and superstitions, which makes it my favorite part of the bridal outfit. Centuries ago, it was believed that brides, due to their purity, were vulnerable to evil spirits. The veil was meant to protect them from these evil spirits.

Wearing a veil over the hair and face was also a symbol of a bride’s virginity.

The Color White

Brides did not always wear white. In fact, depending on the woman and the era, brides have opted for something less traditional. Generally, however, women tend to choose a white or cream-colored wedding dress. White symbolizes purity and virginity, although even pregnant or second-time brides will choose white. According to Seabastian, the popularity of wearing white rose after Queen Victoria wore it on her wedding day.

The Pearls

The use of pearls can be traced back to ancient Rome; wearing them displayed your wealth and social class. The Greeks believed that if a bride wore pearls she would have a happy marriage. Knights also thought pearls would bring them luck, protecting them from harm during battle [Seabastian]. Nowadays, you do not have to be a knight or a wealthy Roman to wear pearls. Take advantage of this week’s special on a crystal and pearl necklace. Details below.

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Pearl and Crystal Necklace ~Anna

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