The Will and Kate Update: Bruce Oldfield to Design Royal Wedding Gown

While palace insiders have confirmed Kate Middleton has indeed chosen a designer for her bridal gown, they have not yet released the details of whom she has chosen. However, those in the know speculate that it will be Bruce Oldfield, a favorite of Prince William’s late mother, the Princess Diana.

Official Royal Wedding Update from ABC News

In other royal wedding news, the Queen has reportedly offered to allow Will and Kate to live at Buckingham Palace after their April 29th wedding. But, will they take her up on this generous offer? After all, what new bride wants to live with her new husband’s grandmother? Especially if she’s used to being in charge (of everything) like the Queen of England!

Kensington Palace, which is said to be a better ‘family’ home (fewer priceless family heirlooms for the new generation of royals to break, perhaps?) is another option. Kate enjoys shopping in Kensington, and that is also where all of the royal couples’ favorite night spots are located. Will they be going out as much once they’re married? Or will they settle into married life and get right to the heir-making? After all, isn’t the first duty of the royal bride to produce the heir and the spare?

Of course, all of these wedding and post-nuptial plans are pure speculation at best. Considering the fact that Will and Kate have, up to now, chosen to live on their own, free of household help even, I wonder if they might choose to avoid palace living altogether. Can we expect the day to come when the palaces of England are reduced to mere office space and museum exhibits for the people of England? From what I have seen of Prince William and Prince Harry thus far, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see their father, Prince Charles and wife Camilla be the last of the British royal family to lead the royal lifestyle.

Will and Kate are also said to have announced their preference for wedding guests to give to charity in lieu of offering expensive wedding gifts. They say they have everything they need, which is no surprise. And, decisions such as these are what will help the royal family survive into the modern world.

Bachelorette Party Set

Can we expect to see Kate Middleton stepping out with her besties in a "Future Mrs. Prince William" bachelorette sash?

Another decision to be made is what to call the future Mrs. Prince William. According to tradition, her formal name could be, “Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales.” That is, if the Queen should choose not to bestow upon the Prince a Dukedom or Earldom as a wedding gift. In which case, ‘Waity Katy’ may become the Duchess or Countess of such-and-such.

However, some have speculated that Wills has become so well-known as ‘Prince William,’ he may not want to change his name to the Duke or Earl of such-and-such. Is this one more tradition the royal couple will choose to buck in the name of modernity? Perhaps they will choose to be known only as ‘Will and Kate’ to avoid confusion the world over?

One tradition in which we know the prince is determined to partake is that of the bachelor party. Prince Harry is rumoredly planning 2 bachelor parties for his older brother. And, knowing the ‘Party Prince,’ they will likely be good ones!

But, what about a bachelorette party for Kate Middleton? Will her common roots have her dressed in a bachelorette sash labeled, “Future Mrs. Prince William?” Will she also enjoy a night out on the town with her best friends? Or, will Kate be left to some boring, stuck-in-the-mud tea party with the Queen Mother and other dowagers while her future husband lives it up with his brother? Only time will tell!

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–Kate Middleton wedding dress update from USA Entertainment News

-Snoop Dogg has announced that he has recorded a special song for Will and Kate’s upcoming nuptials – and will perform it at  Prince William’s bachelor party.

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