Will and Kate Wedding Update | Feb 4, 2011

Bruce Oldfield is still a top contender to design Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. Check out Good Morning America’s interview with Oldfield:

While Bruce Oldfield will neither confirm nor deny his involvement in creating Katherine’s bridal gown, he did admit that plans are afoot for him to dress many of Will and Kate’s wedding guests. Oldfield does venture to guess that Kate’s wedding gown will have sleeves and that she will be sporting a bridal veil on her big day.

Check it Out

  • Bruce Oldfield believes Kate Middleton will wear two different bridal gowns on her royal wedding day.
  • Actress Camilla Luddington will play Kate in an upcoming Lifetime movie about the royal wedding.
  • Wedding broadcasters hope to be allowed to shoot the royal wedding in 3D: whatever will they think of next?


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