Woodland Wedding Inspiration

Nothing sets the scene for a romantic wedding ceremony quite like a serene forest setting. One of the most beautiful weddings I have ever attended was an outdoor autumn ceremony set against the backdrop of Colorado mountains. Vows were spoken in an open meadow, which guests found with just a short walk through the woods and over a lovely stream.  It was peaceful, picturesque, and intimate. If you intend to capture the last beautiful days of fall with an outdoor ceremony or are planning for next year, consider some of these outdoor, forest wedding tips.

Photos by: William Innes Photography, WeddingWire, Melissa McCrotty, WeddingWire

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Practical Tips for an Outdoor or Forest Wedding:

  • Capture the sun. While a wooded area can be romantic and ethereal, tree cover can personalized fleece blanketmake forest settings a bit chillier than open meadows or glens. Consider a sunny patch that will make you and your guests more comfortable. The party at the wedding I attended in Colorado even gave out personalized fleece blankets as keepsakes to guests.
  • Prepare for creepy-crawlies.  Nothing kills the romance quite like picking ticks off of your wedding date. This recently happened to a friend of mine who attended a wedding ceremony in the middle of a forest. Once again, location lovely. Ticks, not so much. That’s not to say you shouldn’t have your dream forest wedding; I recommend consulting park rangers and other experts who might have suggestions about where to find less bug-infested locations.
  • Pack boots. Soft ground and heels are always a bad combination. I too am guilty of fashion over function; but you will be so happy with your boots when you’re dancing with warm and dry toes at the end of the night. Do you have a favorite pair of cute and functional shoes?


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