The Mix: Part 2 of Working with Your Wedding DJ

The Mix: Our blog series on everything from signature cocktails to DJ playlists.

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Our guest blogger, DJ, and recent newlywed Jeff brings you more do’s and don’ts when working with your DJ and planning your wedding reception. Use these tips to keep the music flowing, the guests dancing, and Grandma Agnes at the front of the conga line. 

  • DO– plan your time backwards. Figure out what time your reception venue closes, how much time you want you and your guests to spend dancing, and how much time your DJ will need to set up. Ask your DJ to show up about fifteen minutes before that time to ensure that the music will be ready when you are ready for it. Nothing kills the mood of a reception faster than dead air.
  • DON’T– micromanage the playlist. Everyone has songs they want to hear at their wedding, but remember that not all of your guests will have the same taste in music as you. Most DJs are able to feel the flow of the reception and play songs appropriate to the time and mood of the room. By requesting several straight hours of songs, you might end up playing your favorite jam while everyone is exhausted from doing the Electric Slide.

Check The Mix next week for the final installment of our wedding DJ series.
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