Your guide to wedding dress necklines

Ladies – lets talk about wedding dress necklines. There are a lot of options out there and picking the right one is key to making you feel confident, comfortable, and gorgeous as you walk down the aisle, pose for photos, and dance the night away. You will want to try on several types to see what works best for your body type and bust. No bride wants to be pulling up her neckline or adjusting herself all day. While good tailoring will help with that, picking the perfect neckline is also key. First step is learning the lingo. Here is a list of the most common neckline options with photos to help make your gown buying experience a little bit easier.

1. Bateau






















Photo credit: WeddingWire

This neckline takes its name from a type of flat-bottomed boat — which is why this wide-neck look is also commonly referred to as a “boatneck.”

2. Cowl






















Photo credit: WeddingWire

The cowl neckline is distinctive for its draping in the front. The picture here is a pretty dramatic example, but you can also find dresses with a more subtle draping.

3. Halter




















Photo credit: WeddingWire

The halter neckline is perfect for people who want to show off their shoulders. It’s an especially good alternative to strapless since it gives more support but still highlights the shoulders and upper arms. You have several options within the halter family as well, including keyhole, v-neck halter and illusion.

4. High Neck























Photo credit: WeddingWire

The high neck is similar to a turtle neck. This is a great idea for fall and winter weddings!

5. Illusion

illusion wedding dress





















Photo credit: WeddingWire

The illusion neckline has a sheer or lace overlay. It gives more coverage than a strapless but still allows you to show a little skin.

6. Jewel






















Photo credit: WeddingWire

The jewel neckline is a great way to show off a piece of jewelry – hence the name. It’s rounded and lands just above the collarbone. There’s also perfect for brides who aiming for a more modest look; something that might be a good fight for a conservative church service, for instance.

7. Off-the-shoulder






















Photo credit: WeddingWire

Straps on this type of gown lay just below the shoulder and do a great job of highlighting the shoulders and collarbone.

8. One shoulder






















Photo credit: WeddingWire

The one-soulder look is a little more modern and perfect for brides who want a unique, less traditional dress.

9. Queen Anne






















Photo credit: WeddingWire

Talk about regal! The Queen Anne neckline is high in the back and dips low in the front.

10. Scoop




















Photo credit: WeddingWire

The scoop neckline is a simple, classic look. Your photos will look timeless if you opt for this scoop neck look.

11. Spaghetti Straps




















Photo credit: WeddingWire

Spaghetti straps are a sexier option. But when done right, you can still look elegant. Make sure the fit is perfect or you’ll be chasing falling straps all night.

12. Square




















Photo credit: WeddingWire

The square neckline usually involves some sort of sleeve, like a cap sleeve. It creates a square shape on the bodice.

13. Strapless




















Photo credit: WeddingWire

The strapless neckline is pretty self explanatory. See sweetheart neckline for an alternative strapless look.

14. Sweetheart




















Photo credit: WeddingWire

The sweetheart neckline is similar to the strapless but dips down in the cleavage area to create a heart-like shape.

15. V-neck






















Photo credit: WeddingWire

The v-neck creates a V in the front and accentuates all the right areas!

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